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  • Heat Loss Home Inspection
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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Healthy home – Improves Indoor Air quality in air tight homes

Heat Loss Home Inspections

Locates heat loss in your home

What we do

For new builds and major refurbishments

We install Vent-axia Heat Recovery Ventilation Recovers heat that would otherwise be lost to extract ventilation

For existing homes

We carry out Heat Loss Home inspections to Locate where Heat is lost from building.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Healthy home – Improves Indoor Air quality in air tight homes

Provides fresh filtered air and extracts stale moist polluted air (Removes Condensation, Mould & allergy causing pollutants)

Recovers heat that would otherwise be lost to extract ventilation
Cost & energy saving by using Extract stale moist polluted air to pre-heat incoming fresh filtered cold air (Reduced demand the heating systems to maintain thermal comfort) No extract fans or ‘hole in the wall’ vents that allow cold damp drafts in and heat to escape. Better BER and  higher resale  value

Get that summer fresh air feeling all year round

heat loss thermal imaging
Heat Loss Home Inspection

Does your home cool down when you turn off the central heating system? Thermal Imaging…

Pinpoints Hidden drafts & missing Insulation to make your home warmer and reduce energy bills. Once located drafts can often be simple and inexpensive to seal 10 to 70% Savings

Buying or upgrading your home?

Thinking of upgrading your Heating system, insulation, Doors & windows to double or triple glazing nly to find that the problem hasn’t gone away and your money could have been used on better cheaper solution.

’A picture says a thousand words’

Airtightness Testing

Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB). It is now legal requirement under the EU and Irish Law. All new buildings must comply with Irish Building Regulations Parts L & F 2019. Airtightness testing is now mandatory on every building and Air Permeability must be lower than 5m3/hr/sqm.

The aim should be to ‘Build Tight – Ventilate Right’

Industrial Thermal Imaging

Electrical & Mechanical Equipment get hot before it breaks down see it before it happens    (A stich in time saves nine)

“35% of all industrial fires are created by electrical problems”. Schedule your shutdown around production timetables before a catastrophic failure happens.

We provide thermal imaging reports to senior management or insurance companies of potential problems with electrical and mechanical equipment before it happens.

Electrical, Lighting & Heating Controls

With over 30 years’ experience in Electrical & Building services with third level qualifications Electrical Engineering to technician’s standard in design, erection, verification & certification of Electrical Installations.

Heating Leak Detection

Problems with your heating system?

Is your heating system losing pressure?

Have you called a plumber who says you have a leak somewhere under your floor but where?

Before you aimiessly  dig up the floor use thermal imaging to locate pipe joints and runs under concrete floors

Fresh Clean Air with heat Recovery ventilation

HRV) Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) provides fresh air and improved climate control, while also saving energy by reducing the heating requirements.

Stale moist air will be extracted from the ‘wet areas’ of the home, these are generally Bathrooms, Utility rooms and kitchen.

Before this warm stale air is dumped outside it passes through the heat exchanger which will transfer its heat to the new fresh air, the tempered fresh air is then piped into the living areas of the home.

Build Tight – Ventilate Right

Indoor air can contain over 900 chemicals, particulates, biological materials, viruses and bacteria.

Each of us breaths 10,000 litres of air each day and poor indoor air quality effects the health of everyone in your home

So ensuring good indoor air quality is essential, especially for those with breathing issues, such as asthma, lung conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or pneumonia.

Crossan Energy fit top quality heat recovery ventilation systems manufactured by Vent-Axia

Save Energy – Heat Loss Home Inspections

Does your home cool down when you turn off the central heating system? Thermal Imaging…

  • Finds the source of Drafts which results in severe heat loss.
  • Finds missing or defective Insulation which results in severe heat loss.
  • Finds source of Condensation that leads to serious structural damage.
  • Finds source of fungi that leads to mould growth & serious health problems.

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