Benefits of HRV

Why get heat recovery ventilation? Check the benefits.

Get That Summer fresh air feeling all year round

Recovers heat that would otherwise be lost to extract ventilation. Summer Fresh draft free home even in winter. 


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HVHR Benifits

  • Healthy Home (Toxic Home Syndrome);
    Combats condensation and helps limit and eliminate, Mildew, Mould, Dust mites, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Carbon monoxide, Pollen and Radon, build up. No condensation on windows. no fungal or mould growth in bathrooms and bedrooms. Reduces symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers. View our comprehensive information on the importance of air quality.
  • Energy Cost Savings
    Draft free balanced heat distribution throughout your home.  No wall /window vents or kitchen / Bathroom fans, extracting costly heated air directly outside. Lowers demand on heating system to maintain Thermal Comfort Homes built to the latest the nZEB  –  nearly Zero Energy Buildings standard  & Irish Building Regulations 2019 part L & F with excellent attention to detail on Insulation and airtightness Heat pumps hardly calling for heat in the depts of winter and not at all at other times of the year. Reduce your heating costs by up to 70%.
  • Extra security
    Windows can be kept securely closed.  Your home is quieter, draught free and help keep insects out in summer nights
  • Automatic summer Bypass
    Struggling to get to sleep on hot summer nights during a heat wave? The warm stale air is flushed out and cool fresh air is drawn from outside. Heat Recovery Ventilation is extremely economical to run unlike an air conditioning unit which cools air by refrigerant technology recycling it back to the room consuming a lot of electricity.Cool down house during hot summer nights
  • Fully controllable system
    Temperature and humidity sensors ensure the HRV operates at the optimal efficiency Automatic frost protection effective to -20°C Simple one touch wired in Vent-axia remote controller displaying Fault and filter indication status.
  • Thermal Efficiency
    Recovers up to 95% of heat extracted from wet rooms
  • Ultra-quiet
    The best available ventilation system for new homes
  • Compliance
    with the nZEB –  nearly Zero Energy Buildings standard and the current Irish Building Regulations 2019 part L & F
  • Better Building Energy Rating
    Appendix Q and BER rating. Recognised in SAP PCDB. Enhanced house value
  • Peace of mind
    Vent-axia Heat Recovery Ventilation systems consist of Electrical DC fans  which  managed by Electronic controllers. We are qualified electricians with over 30 years’ experience  and provide 5 year Parts & labour Warranty providing that they are serviced yearly by Crossan Energy