Heat Loss Home Inspection

Locate Heat Loss in your Home

From €400

+ vat.

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Why you need a Heat Loss home Inspection Survey

Does your home cool down when you turn Off the central heating system? Our heat loss home inspection…

  1. Finds source of Drafts which results in severe heat loss.
  2. Finds missing or defective Insulation which results in severe heat loss.
  3. Finds source of Condensation that leads to serious structural damage.
  4. Finds source of fungi that leads to mould growth & serious health problems.

From €400 + vat.

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Locates where Heat is lost from buildings

  • Improving insulation is more cost effective than upgrading heating systems.
  • Reducing drafts is the cheapest way to ensure a warm home.
  • Reducing drafts is more cost effective than upgrading building insulation and heating systems.
  • Reducing drafts is better than increasing fuel usage to maintain a comfortable environment
  • Improving insulation an elimination of drafts also means occupants can reduce heating by a few degrees and still maintain comfort levels.

From €400 + vat.

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What does a Thermal Imaging Inspection involve?

                        ’A picture says a thousand words’

Gaps and cracks are to difficult to detect simply by hand or visual inspection.

Once located drafts can often be simple and inexpensive to seal 10 to 70% Savings

We use a Thermal Imaging Camera to locate where heat is lost from buildings

Home Inspection takes only a few hours on winter’s morning


Drafts, Condensation, Mould & Ventilation Issues

Solution – Heat Recovery Ventilation

HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation)  provides fresh air and improved climate control, while also saving energy by reducing the heating requirements

Drafts around Electrical & Building Services

Drafts around Windows

Drafts coming through dormer ceiling

Cold Bridging Dot and Dab plasterboard adhesive

Porous Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are porous and allow cold air into your home and warm air out. Click to watch a video on airtightness from the Passive House Academy

Drafts coming in around joists from outside via cavity

Cold Bridging and Drafts through Hollow Core

From €400 + vat.

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I can now make a plan to put things right.

Back about 20 years ago we needed more space so we converted the attic in our bungalow into a dormer and that is when the problems started. It was roasting in summer and freezing in winter especially during stormy weather. We put in more insulation but it made no difference.That’s when we rang Crossan Energy and booked a Thermal Imaging home Inspection, it was September and the weather was changeable so we agreed to wait for the cooler winter months

The Thermal Imaging home Inspection was carried out on a cold December morning  and some of my suspicions as to why my house was so cold were proven to be correct, but I was surprised by issues that I hadn’t  even thought of.  I now know what’s happening ,why my house is so cold and so expensive to heat. I can now make a plan to put things right.

John Farrell, Longford

I wish that I had called them first

Over the last number of years we have been upgrading our home. Firstly we replaced our old boiler, then we upgraded our attic insulation and lastly we pumped our walls. While there has been an improvement I still feel that we not had a good return on investment for the amount of money that we spent, there is now even condensation in the bathroom and en-suites and mould is growing in the guest bedroom. I mentioned this to my friend and she recommended Crossan Energy and their Thermal Imaging home Inspection I wish that I had called them first

Kate Lynch, Westmeath

I’m so glad we contacted Crossan Energy

Within half an hour of turning the heating off, the house is cold and our heating bills are out of control. Our home was constructed in 2007 and we got crazy quotes to upgrade the insulation, boiler and windows so we rang Crossan Energy and arranged a Thermal Imaging home Inspection. I’m so glad we did as they were able to pinpoint the source of our drafts and missing insulation which proved to be a far better cost effective way of keeping our home warm than upgrading our boiler and windows.

Michael Murphy, Meath

We had a very good understanding of the issues

We were looking to buy a house for ages, when we came across a house in the exact area that we wanted at the right price. The only problem was in need of renovation so we contacted Crossan Energy and on a cold January morning  they arrived. The heating was on from the night before and my husband accompanied Crossan Energy through the Thermal Imaging home Inspection seeing every issue on the thermal imaging camera in real time. Both Thermal  images of heat loss and matching digital photos were recorded. By noon we finished, we sat down to discuss and all images were transferred to our laptop. We had a very good understanding of what the issues were and were now in a position to make a bid which was accepted

Anne Dunne, Dublin

Allowed us to plan repairs.

My wife was constantly complaining of drafts in our sitting room and the upstairs spare bedroom was always cold despite the fact our oil tank was been refilled every 6 weeks. We knew that something had to be done as it was costing us a fortune and the house was still cold. We both had different opinions on why our home was so expensive to heat yet so cold.  We knew that work would need to be done but were not in a position to do it all at once and which measures would give us the greatest return at the cheapest price. We rang  Crossan Energy and arranged a Thermal Imaging home Inspection, many of the issues that we thought were to blame were not and a few easy to fix issues were found. We were then able to work on the cheapest repairs first and budget for the more expensive fixes later.

Pat O'Toole, Kildare

Saved us Thousands

Our home was always cold despite having heating on constantly. I felt that there was an issue with the windows and we got quotes to upgrade, which were very expensive, I mentioned it to my sister in law who recommended a Thermal Imaging home Inspection from Crossan Energy who found that the windows were not at fault but there was an issue hidden behind a walls which was easy to put right, saving us thousands

Mary Byrne, Dublin